You find them in off beat local places, ones that have been adorned inside with walls of graffiti, torn posters and other memorabilia. In slang language called “wall bombing.” It’s all about transporting you to a place of craziness, apart from where you are now, freeing you up to enjoy. There is so much that your mind fails to grasp it all, let alone make sense out of it. The message like “on air” standing apart from the other product tags and hand written comment.

It’s all for fun of course, engaging you to like the place and come back, to drink another beer. Overtime though, the walls begin to loose their luster. As with all impermanent things, they fade and deteriorate. The wall still pulls at your mind. You think, what a “funky” place and absorb past memories of being there.

The word "funky” attributed to being abstract, unique, in the vibe. A closer reading of the meaning though is a sense of sadness, as in “I was in a funky mood.” Bombed walls take on a certain sadness with time. You’ve seen it all before, there’s an urge to tear them down to bareness, or at least add something new, even if is a splotch of color. Because they have bombed out, “funky” they are now….