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  “Show me a Mall, and I’m Happy.”   Julie Roberts Malls are always fun. Ever changing, always different on each spin around. Even the same looks different. You want to go there. The experience though can be both rewarding and disappointing.  Sometimes you feel empty after  a visit, thinking there must be more to life. Others times you are elated by the purchases, the people and the sights. Beyond the fancy merchandise and glittering store fronts there is a different mall, an artful one. It’s all part of the Mall Spin that never ends. David Young


During the shutdown, my thoughts often drifted to times before the virus. Travels, dining out, gatherings, shopping and just being out without fears. The world seemed like an oyster then. A place where you could achieve anything you wish or go anywhere just because you had the desire. A world you could chase after with zeal. Now that things are opening up again, the same temptations are starting to emerge. Still there are things I learned from the pandemic experience. You become more in touch with your mortality. You begin to feel there may be other ways to live than you have in the past. Most of all, you realize there are things you still need to learn about yourself and opportunities for personal growth you overlooked in the past.  I want the “new normal” to be different. Spending more time developing friends, understanding myself, growing spiritually and becoming more peaceful. I will still embrace the oyster of the world we are blessed with, but want to devote more tim

SP - 10

Art is everywhere if you just open yourself to it. Even in a bland concrete parking garage on the wall behind space 10, you may find a masterpiece. Often it’s an incomplete one, just an image of numbers and marks or something else that makes you pause. Later it can spring to life when you think of another image you once photographed or drew in a fanciful flight of imagination. All found and made on a normal day parked in a dull garage…