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They stood there Row after Row. Stacks of Knowledge, Just waiting to be opened. I looked at them, Like empty chairs in my life. Waiting to be filled, Just open them  I said to myself. Wisdom and wonder Awaited a turning of the page. But I just sat there Caught in life  And by a life too busy. To busy to live To busy to learn To busy to dream…


After a long drive through a tangle of roads and streets, there it was in a meadow of trees. My visit reminded me of how little some need to be at peace and how many things I need not to be. There is still a long journey of self left, even at my age... Shaanti


Everyday I walked under the bridge from my small life to my job and a brighter tomorrow, someday ... UNDER AMITY BRIDGE from David Young on Vimeo .


My camera is always drawn to scenes and people left alone by life and time. I am a bit of a loner and often wander to find my real self and peace. Always careful in my wandering not to be left alone.  Being a loner creates questions about life. It has great rewards, but often deep costs. Sociologists say only a quarter of people count themselves loners. They are often misunderstood and sometimes viewed incompletely. A loner has more time to reflect and study a situation from the outside. The time alone makes you more comfortable to new situations. Since most of a loners relations are acquaintances, people often sense this and are more open to sharing experiences. You have time to take paths not taken by others, not subject to their judgement. Often this involves being able to observe things others people don’t. There are costs to al this. You can miss good business opportunities while you are wandering. Sometimes people will ask more of you socially than you can gi