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I hurried into the drug store, just needing one item. Already late for an appointment, I found my way blocked by a girl sitting on the floor with large boxes of sunglasses spread all around. She looked like a supplier restocking the racks. I could have moved around her, but I was in a hurry. Asking her to move her boxes, she got up and politely moved them, smiling slightly in the effort. I gave it no further thought as I passed by without a word. Grabbing my item, I paid for it and walked back to my car. A couple of car rows down, I saw a beat up old blue sedan with boxes and papers stuffed everywhere. The car dents still showing from some minor mishap. It almost looked like someone was living in it. Then I realized it was probably the car of the sunglasses girl, not everyone had my fortunate life . I thought about going back in and apologizing to the girl, but did not. But as I drove away, I carried with me a better lesson of the day...


It stood there like some monument to all those who passed through. On a lonely corner holding dreams long forgotten...