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  The rideshare industry can provide valuable gig income. Before you choose this path though, there are many things you should consider, not the least of which is insurance coverage. Often debated is whether rideshare gigs really make any bottom line income. The wear and tear on cars can eat profits. Less talked about is the quandary of protecting yourself with the right insurance. To the rideshare industry’s credit, protections for drivers via liability insurance coverage has made good strides. But there are pitfalls and risks that remain.  You will to be sued individually along with the rideshare company in an at fault accident. Especially ones that injure passengers or third parties. Since you are holding yourself out as a professional driver, you will be held to a higher standard than the average driver, increasing your financial risk. Your personal auto insurance does not cover you, it ends when you log into the rideshare company platform. The only protection you have is the rides


  You live your life in places. There is your home, your work and if your fortunate a third place where you can socialize, talk with friends and strangers. Examples of these include coffee shops, bars and libraries. But, as Devika Rao points out in her article “The Unfortunate, ongoing disappearance of third places” they are harder to find and fully enjoy as you did in the past. Blame it on the learned social distancing of the pandemic, the rise of social media, the doom loops of downtowns, and the suburb mentality along with a myriad of other reasons. Rao raises a valuable point, one that affects our well being, enjoyment of life, and peace of mind. Life though continues to spin at an ever increasing, confusing, and frustrating pace. So how do you fill the growing void of third places. Perhaps there is a fourth place that should be added to our life mix. One that is just ours to enjoy, one where we can pause, think, and grow our peace of mind. It could be as simple as a chair and a bo