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Windows “Let there be many windows to your soul, that all the glory of the world may beautify it”  Ella Wheeler Wilcox Windows let us look at the soul of the city. Through some you look out at the city in its purest, seemingly apart and untouched by reality. In others, you look in at the lives of people. Some working, some reflecting, some happy and some angry. Dealmakers, makers of food, readers of life, those waiting for something, dreams that are gone. All behind the windows we pass. We catch our reflections in windows leaving us to think about how we might change our lives or make ourselves more beautiful. We only get quick glimpses, held in the black and white lines we write silently to ourselves about what we think we see.  The closed shop with covered windows holding the broken dreams of someone. Or the closed window hiding what we only imagine.  We never have the full story.  We move on held apart by the windows, but touched by the reflections we see… David Young


  Articles abound on how to retire early and the money you will need. There are far less on the reality of retirement and how to be successful in it. Only 10% of people will achieve the $1,000,000 experts say is needed to retire. What about the other 90%? The good news is that retirement can be  enjoyable and successful on far less. Some changes in your life and thinking though may be necessary to achieve that. This booklet contains five articles on my insights into making that happen. The book is available on Apple iBooks at the link below: