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There are always marks when buildings are torn down or pulled apart. A memory is left on the wall still standing, sometime sticks, sometimes stone. The separation is always marked. Such it is life. We can leave or are left, but marks on our soul are always left… Photographs by David Young Music “Dance of the Buildings”


  There is a color to winter. One you have to search for, one that is deep in our souls. You try to take photos of it, but often leave the forest without capturing. There are giants that guard the forest deep. Giving it rest and time to plan the bursting of life and color coming in Spring. They only asks that we pause and enjoy the majesty of it all  as they guard the forest deep…


There is so much emphasis on the visual and the quick these days that one wonders if business is just a movie. There is action everywhere, but sometimes you’re just trying to find the script. The one with your part in it. The part that will lead to greater success. Movies are based on screenplays. The techniques used can get you to where you want to go. Here are a few points to consider: YOUR PART - movies always have a hero, a helper, a foe and a goal. Too often we try to make ourselves the hero of a business situation. A better approach is to make the customer or boss the hero. Your best part is as a valuable mentor helping the hero overcome the foe and get to the goal. It’s not what “I” can do, it’s getting to the “we” of what can be done. ACTION - focus on action not description. The more we describe our talents and resources, the more we sound like the competition. Most quality competitors share the same abilities. Skip the description of the “cast of thou


He was not an employee, but had an office in the headquarters of three major insurance companies. The doors simply read STEVE JAMES and gave no title. He didn’t need one. His reputation for solving insurance fraud cases spoke for itself. A new case brought James to Southland Insurance in Atlanta. No one gave notice to the thin gray haired man wearing cackles and a white shirt who walked in and disappeared into his office. The lack of notice gave Steve the time he needed to sort the claims and read details. He found his office full of banker boxes stacked four and five high. The summary sheet read: 125 cases of auto injury claims, 51 unclosed. Location Charlotte. Assignment get open claims closed, investigate potential fraud. Classic claims fraud cried out from every box and file he reviewed. James thought to himself, the age old auto rear end and side accident (cappers).   All the claims involved minority claimants (all Asian), the same two or three doctors and one

WHERE THE DOLLAR STOPS - parked art series

Family Dollar is an American success story, which grew into a 8,000 location variety store. It was founded in 1959 by a 21 year old named Leon Levine in Charlotte NC. After growing to over 1,000 stores, the company went public and began competing with Dollar Tree and Dollar General. A giant battle for the consumers insatiable appetite for merchandise priced at $1 ensued. Growth continued with the company joining the ranks of the Fortune 500 largest. The success did not go unnoticed. Various takeover attempt were launched by Nelson Peltz and others. Carl Icahn eventually won 9.4% of the company in early 2014, demanding that it be sold to the highest bidder. Half way through 2014, 22% of the company was in the hands of raiders seeking a profit from its sale. By the end of the year, the rival giants of Dollar Tree and Dollar General both offered competing bids for the firm. A titanic battle of corporate dollars and egos ensued until in 2015 Family Dollar announced it ha


The excitement of the new business year always carried me for awhile. Until a few hints of spring like weather would turn me. Turn me toward my car, the adventures of the high desert and the want of the road unknown… David Young