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The call came into Fred Langston the Postmaster. The mail postal jeep had broken down again on Fox Hill Road. Fred, a large gruff man, blurted out, “get a tow rig out there.” He did not tolerate problems well. This being the second breakdown of a rig troubled him. The source of the problem was familiar to him, excess weight generated by shipments from a small country home at 1920 Fox Hill Road. The many packages weighed too much for the rigs. Fred yelled for Carl, his assistant, “Check and see if there are any regulations on weight limits for residential shipments and report back to me.” Carl went off to do the research without any comment. The problem developed over a couple of years. First with a small number of shipments, growing into a virtual snow storm of packages coming and going. The source was one person, Brenda Heart. Brenda loved to walk in the woods, her long hair and light step carried along by the spirits of the forest she found. A green canvas of tall trees and


"Left Alone" - Gila River, AZ