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    OUR OWN WORLD: We live so much these days in our own little worlds. Forgetting that we are only a second of the 10,000 year history of civizations. Of the untold number of humanity that has lived and died. Especially in these times, It's good to look at whats happening not only in the USA, but also the world. To honor those who dig in the soil to understand our past. To those who have found greater purpose in life beyond thier own lives. So I walk the trails of the forest deep, picking up stones here and there. Looking at them and feeling their roughness and smoothness. Understanding there is more than our own little world here.


  When you think of all the things that go into the art of successful business, you seldom think of Insurance. In fact, few people even like the subject.  Insurance though can play a pivotal role in your business success. Not having the right insurance can be a roadblock. With proper insurance coverage in place, you differentiate your firm in the market place. You not only protect your company, but also make it easy to do business with you. The gig market place moves quickly and is highly competitive. Having insurance in place gives you a leg up on securing opportunities. This might take the form of a choice lease, winning a contract or attracting the right strategic partner. In short, proper insurance shows you have your act together.  Not all insurance though is created equal. The simple general liability policy (bodily injury and property damage) may not fully protect you. This is especially true if you are a designer, consultant, recruiter, project manager, coach or programer. You