“When old tech dies, it usually stays dead” - C. Platt. Or so it seems. Having acquired most of the Apple products available and traveled to what seems the end of the internet, I surprisingly found myself bored with it all. Even worse, I was actually considering purchasing a Chromebook just to have something different to play with.

Tech had seemingly taken the brightness from my life. I needed an escape, a reason for getting out and doing something again. Somehow I longed for the old digital world. You know the one where you actually had to move dials to find results and sometimes even get a hard copy in the process.

In sorting through this, somehow having a pocket transistor radio became an obsession, but finding one proved a challenge. Truly old things do go away.

The young turk at Best Buy looked at me strangely when I asked if they had one. I knew from his look that I would never work there. So it was back to the wired pages of Walmart and Amazon. 

There, under pocket radios, I found some possible units. I quickly ordered two that looked like the traditional little boxes with an antenna. They disappointed, volume did not work. Back to search. I then order another version with a different name, only to find that same company had made them and in this version neither volume or reception worked. 

On the third order, I got lucky and now have pocket radios that work.  They are light as a feather, one is already in my backpack. It even has ear plugs. No phone needed. 

I really don’t know if the pocket radio will do anything for my life. Maybe people will stare and ask why I have it or even what it is. Wait, moving the dial back and forth, I have finally found a station to listen to. I am happy.