I never used libraries as much as I should, but loved them just the same. They have changed over time and now seem to reside in a middle state given all the online media. Even with these pressures, the library offers much in their many corners that cannot be found elsewhere.

The larger ones have full departments such as music, art and even research. Each with a department head. The smaller ones are presided over by just a few general staff, each armed with the knowledge of the whole of the place. Their caring evident, scurrying about to keep order, answering questions, tending all the corners. At one time, libraries even had apartments on top for the librarian to reside.

Sometimes you see librarians sitting at their desk, making special notations in the books. The marks always consistent are known as librarian scribe, keeping uniformity within the library. 

The corners of these places draw you in. A place of quiet in an unquiet world. Where you can be at peace with a book, you thoughts or work. Even being so bold as to nod off for a while. Libraries abound with energy of the after school group of studiers. Arts and displays add color.

Having said all this, what makes libraries are is the people who use them. From all walks of life and with boundless purpose. Not all the tales of a library are told in their books.