I was recently reminded of the importance of color in our lives. Allen Reamer, an art instructor, once told me you should always consider color first in your painting. This thought was echoed by Steve Martin of all people.

Besides being a great actor and comedian, he is a noted art collector. Enough so that MOMA ask him to select two favorite paintings from their collection for display. He chose two by early century abstract artists Stanton McDonald Wright and Morgan Russell, both considered ones who were first to understood the importance of color in abstract paintings. 

Martin used the term synchronism to describe their work, feeling it lent harmony to the human experience where color was so important. As important as music to movies and life experiences. 

He's right, of course, mastering the mixes of color on canvas remains a constant challenge though. There is color theory, your sense of things, the subject, meaning, and nature itself to all consider. Not to mention how it is applied.

It's all worth the effort though, because life is about color and color can move us through it with joy.

Paintings "Southern Storm" and "A Tempting of Yellow" by dty '22