Sometimes gritty, always colorful, the walls you pass in Newark, NJ reflect a vibrant place filled with life and edge.

Most think of Newark, NJ as an inexpensive place to stay when visiting New York City. It offers much more to a visitor who takes time to explore it.

The city is proudly working class. There are close-knit multi ethnic districts. The architecture seems frozen in place with a distinctive stock of art deco and century old buildings. The restaurants are unique, filled with savory flavors and tastes. 

Two of the more interesting districts are 4 Corners and Ironbound. Here you will find strong Portuguese, Spanish and Brazilian heritages and the push and pull of new and old generations. All paced by the coming and going of bus and rail transportation at the nearby Newark Penn Station. These areas are a favorite destination for photographers like Camilo Jose Vergara.

As you walk the streets, the many colors and drama of the area plays out. Some walls have been turned into art forms with the ever changing give and take between graffiti artist and building owners.

The owners use a multitude of colors to paint over the graffiti and the street artists in turn use more and more intricate patterns to spray their messages. 

It all makes for a great backdrop to this adventurous proud place on the edge of a big city.

David Young

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