“Life is messy and hard and worth it and all that stuff” – Robert Downey Jr

There are many corners in our lives. Ones we pass and deal with every day. Many more messy than we want. 

Some cry out for attention, but are so complex we just pass them. Each day wondering what it is that draws us, suspecting it may have meaning. All like a jazz player vamping at a jam session waiting for the just right response.

Others we must compete at, pushing through the crowd to get the bus, muffin or item we want. Ignoring everything else in that space. 

There are already others at some corners, shouting their views. We sometimes listen, the city beating in the background, trying to hear the message among the words.

Its difficult to sort it all out, sometimes we just need a corner to talk it out. Our desks and work area make sense to us but to others just messy.

Life is not perfect, maybe we are always trying to unravel the messy corners, maybe it’s all about life and being alive.

David Young