Past wanderings along the great Pee Dee River have taken me through Wadesboro NC. I always felt there were some good photos. A walk through town did not disappoint my camera.

Wadesboro is probably most famous for two things. In 1900, the Smithsonian decided it would be the best place to view a historic total solar eclipse. Thousands came. Then in 1985, The Color Purple movie was filmed in Wadesboro (chapel), nearby Lilesville (home) and Marshville (town scenes). 

Walking the streets, you find new life, interest and even some found art. Great stops along your wandering might include H. W. Little Hardware (founded in 1894 and still owned by the Little family), Price’s Place Pottery and Antiques, Ansonia Theater, a locally owned coffee shop and Olivers Restaurant (boasting a NYC trained chef). 

My camera loved the many colors of the buildings and street scenes. History echos from every corner including the old Western Union building where Price’s Place is located. In 1894, during the glory days of the textile industry, the price of cotton on the NY Exchange was telegraphed to town every hour.

Like many towns in the South, Wadesboro is easy to just drive through. Stopping though and walking may reveal the parts of travel you yearn for the most.