Call it learning or envy if you like. I always try the painting style of departed artists, marveling at how easy they turned inspiration into wonderful work. Perhaps it’s because I have never found my style or had the courage to. 

Efforts on my part to emulate great artists quickly bring understanding of just how talented they were. My Rothko attempts are in the garage, my Kline’s still in the art studio, and Picasso’s long ago given to Goodwill. 

Still I try. Recently, Etel Adnan died. She lived in several countries and was gifted in speaking different languages. Her paintings follow no rules. Mountains are blue and sky’s yellow. Meadows are red and suns almost any color you can imagine. 

Somehow Adnan grew to understand the world can be what you want it to be. Reminding me, that I could too.

David Young

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