What can I say about the New Asia Market, its a blur, a trip, a study, and most of all a game of thrones. The market is located in the Charlotte suburb of Stallings. An urban escape from its original location near Sugar.

Going there takes you to a world apart. A blur of colors, people, products, tastes and sensations. Seemingly hundreds of people work there, going about their various tasks. The fish monger, the bamboo tree seller, the shelf stacker, the baker all proud of their own corner of the store. Colorful products you’ve not seen reach out to you from every direction played against a melody of dialects from shoppers you strain to understand.

A must stop is the restaurant section of the market. A long curving counter separates two great empires, the bun people and the soup people. Here it gets confusing. If you want pork hum bao or pastries you go to register on the far right, a picture sign guides you to selections. No matter how long you wait in line, the people behind you think you have cut in. 

If you want soup or a shrimp dish, good luck. They are at the other kingdom on the left side of the counter. You only get a ticket with a number, “They will call you.”  Now you wait again until you get an audience with the keepers of the soup kingdom. You go to the counter on the left, “Not ready yet” rings out. You wait politely, but worried in the back reaches of the restaurant. Finally, you number is shouted. You rush to the counter collecting the rest of your meal, knowing you already have had a feast of life…