Great works at museums and galleries draw you in. You can get lost in the masterpieces of the artist. Sometimes though it is the in between that intrigues. The goings on of the place, the poses of the patrons, the ambience and architecture, the oddly placed item, the movement. It’s like a sympathy where each play a part in the wonder of the place.

Artists complain that even to get in galleries your art style must line up like little soldiers. In that effort, you can lose your inspiration. They only hope some of that original soul shines through in their best work. That someday a museum will show their work and allow enough space between for the viewer to understand their essence. 

The great art will leave impressions, but it is the whole of the museum experience that lingers. It may be an elegant coffee, the slant of light through the windows, the goings about of staging a new exhibit, a special person you meet, an item at the gift shop. It’s all there to enjoy in this special place.

David Young

“Space is the very breath of art” - Frank Lloyd Wright