Sometimes I hold too tightly my ideas, my thoughts, my inspiration for fear they would be taken or laughed at. Time overcomes all this because someone else bolder than me put the same ideas out in the world finding success and turning mine into lost opportunities.

These experiences filled my mind as I walked near an art school recently. You see all the students going to and from carrying their portfolios of work under their arm. Youthful dreams and dedication spring from them, you sense it in their walk and eyes.

Surprisingly, toward the end of the day you find work they have left behind on street corners and leaning against the school’s wall. Most in a semi complete state, as if to say I tried this. Some linger there, other artists adding their touches, others are grabbed by a passerby, and others just wait a demise.

You never know the students motivation in leaving work behind, letting it go to the world. I suspect though it frees their spirit to create even greater work. Better than holding it to close as I had. The world always has something to add and you can find profit in it.