THE ART KIT (when not perfect is perfect)

Your personal thoughts and reflections deserve a better place than being buried in your business tools, like your phone. Maybe it’s because business demands perfection, where your thoughts demand freedom. 

Being Present Minded is key to getting in touch with your thoughts. Modern electronic devices take you away from that, there are just too many distractions.

All this is a reason to craft what I call an art kit. During the workweek, it can be as simple as a small notebook. One you pull out of your brief or purse to jot a hand written note, record a passing reflection, a saying, even a sketch on. I find these marks of your being more frequently resourced than electronic notes. There is an art to them, that art is you.

On the weekend, that art kit can be expanded to a small day pack, one that might include that same notebook, but also a plastic camera, art coloring pencils or even brush pens.

Perhaps these are defined best by the plastic camera. Film or digital, most are under $65 and simple to use. Reviewers have called them “Made to be Bad.” Others though have captured their true nature with quotes like “A wonderful horrible quality,” or to be used when “not perfect is perfect.” Thoughts are like that, never quite perfect. Ones to be rendered later when your mind has time.

A little art kit makes you feel good, a place to reaffirm your being, all feeding your soul…A grand thing indeed.


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