What is a library today? They seem to exist in some middle ground between tech driven digital media and hard cover books. The later seems heavy and old, but they are the core of any library.  

It’s not really called Library 5, more formally known as the Mecklenburg South County Regional Library. It’s just the 5th one I visited trying to find a good group of art books and place interest. This one did not disappoint. 

The colors and lights were bright. The library is surrounded by the canopy trees of the Piper Glen District, the windows almost seem like they bring the trees in. I would call the building mid century modern, others might say Bauhaus or even Brutalism. Regardless it is done well with lots of unique room and places to study, read, meet and even craft. Yes, they have a “Makers Space” room with a 3D printer.

I stayed there enjoying the place longer than I expected, leafing through photography books and people watching. The decor distinguished the place and provided encouraging backdrop for activities. 

One only hopes that libraries survive and flourish in these times when everything else in changing.