I admit to liking oak paneled decor and warm lighting. So upon entering the new AC Hotel and finding no wood paneling, I had to tack to relate to the place, moving my thoughts back and forth. It was a gray taupe upon gray, even the sparse decor items, a vase, a book, a few plants were such a dark green as to evoke no variety. I’ve always found you can learn most about a hotel from the lobby level one, the vibe of the place. Level one of this place did not disappoint, perhaps the still closed kiosk shop outside the entry should have prepared me.

OK, the floor to ceiling LCD display with alternating colorful artwork impressed. So much that I looked around for a cup of coffee. I just wanted to sit in front of the display to avoid my being blended into the gray decor, lost forever. 

At the small circle semi bar, lobby snack and coffee spot my mood began to change. Three affable patrons sat across from me, getting a last cup before heading to the plane. They were engaging, exchanging pleasantries, and slices of life with me. I turned around and saw other people at the front desk, conversing, getting directions on exploring the area, meeting each other.

All this against the gray backdrops of the place. Then I thought, there was nothing to distract from the people here. You felt like relating because that was all there was to do. Gray yes, but maybe that is the way it should be… 



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