There are long walks in medicine through the sterile walls of clinics and hospitals. Thoughts of diagnosis and treatments bounce in your head, dealt out by doctors and nurses you only see for a short time.

A physician once confided that in medical school, you are taught to treat the patient. To always cure the ills you see. For the patient though, the cost of the cure may be greater than the benefit, not just the money, but the depths of the side effects, length of time spent. 

There are dragons that live in the depths of hospitals. There to help, but breathing fire. There are times when the medical matrix confuses. What are the next best moves. Sometimes it feels like no one is there to answer the questions. You look for promised miracles.

In high end stylish clinics with all the decor and appearance of warmth, you can become a ward of the cure. The care you are given craved and repeated until you find yourself there more than away at the life you knew.

I like many have greatly benefit from medical care. However, when you start to look at the detail of the place, you probably have been there too long…


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