“Art is not what we see on the wall, it is what we make of our lives.” This quote from the Nomad series is so true. We get so hung up on the 1,2 and 3’s of life, that we sometimes forget to nourish the whole. Life is not all about career, family, the money we have stacked up, or the rewards on the wall. It’s how we move through the world. How we are regarded by others, how we treat others, how we view the breath of life before us, and how deep our passion goes. The question is have we learned to enjoy life fully. There is no one formula for this, that’s the art of it.

Over time and sometimes because of circumstances this concept becomes evident to us. We are comforted by the niches we have carved out in life. It is only when we are out in the world unhinged that we discover the true value of becoming as complete a person as possible. People, especially in new situations, care less about the work you do and more about the person you are. Our family is more than just our relatives, it is the world and people around us at any one time. In personal crisis, our ability to relate to strangers often means the difference between life and death.

There is precious little time in our busy lives to practice finding the art of you. Taking a little more time for people, making more of the abundance of life around us, moving through life gently, and reflecting help the process. Just turning around once in a while to see how the world looks is a valuable stop in finding our place in the gallery of life.