They were just marks on the pavement, but somehow they resonated in me. One time I worked for a very regimented company. Their rules were stringent down to dress code and punctuality. Every morning I drove my car and parked in the company lot. Surprisingly, almost to the minute other co-workers from my unit would arrive in their cars.

Every morning was the same. Now mind you, these people lived in all corners of the city and took many different routes to work. Still, they all found themselves in the lot at the same time. 

Being a work alcoholic at the time, I often left the office late. The lot empty by that time. All that remained were tire marks on the pavement of those leaving. Some gentle pull outs, others dramatic statements of wanting to get away. 

I clearly was in the later group and eventually left that place for other adventures, but remember the marks on the pavement...some still there.

David Young