Rivers run next to rocks, next to grass, surrounded by birds and animals. How is it possible for all to exist side by side? It’s all about 92 natural elements that exist and how they interact with each other to form our world. The pure atoms of life.

Only four elements make up 96.2% of all humans; oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen. Eleven other elements make up trace amounts in our bodies. No matter what your origins, race or culture, we are all the same.

Our lives are played out in a world that comprises beautiful elements, like gold and silver, and dangerous ones like mercury, polonium and radium. There is so much we don’t know about the natural elements and how they make life work.

It’s like an abstract puzzle that dances around us. One we study, trying to figure it all out. The beauty and wonder of life is to behold, to embrace, to enjoy and be thankful for it. Above all though we are part of the natural elements, the world. We are all the same.

David Young