"Social Gathering at MOMA Art Museum"

2019 is off and running. All your marketing channels are set. You have completed your LinkedIn profile, launched your website, started a blog and have a long list of business meetings to go to. 
Great work, but there is one thing forgotten and that is YOU.
The most success business people I have known could pick up more business over lunch or a social gathering than I could in a year of cold calls and business to business contacts.
How did they do this? They took time to follow their interests in life. They did not do this for business but created new business because of it. The art not for business marketing.
These successful professionals understood the importance of people to people marketing. To do this, they got involved where their personal interests took them. This might include joining an art museum, toastmasters, a meet up group for the movies, joining a charitable organization, or a ski club.
All these interest areas have meetings and other gatherings where people can get to know each other in a non-business setting. Talk eventually turns to what you do for a living. Relationships based on interest eventually lead to business. This strategy creates clients that stick around a lot longer than those met on the cold streets of “just business.”
David Young