Savannah is the most pleasant of experiences. It’s a blend of a working city, tourist mecca and art scene. Not to mention the great walking and culinary treats.
It is full of museums that will keep you busy for days. The one that impressed me the most was SCAD. It is part of the Savannah College of Art and Design. The passion of the young art students surrounds this place.
We were fortunate to stay across the street at the Embassy Suites in the Historical District. A great hotel, with nice wood panel décor and lavish green plants around the lobby. Our room overlooked SCAD. We enjoyed the coming and going of the art students, many carrying their current canvases under their arm.
The museum itself reflects the edge and energy of the entire college. It is larger than you would expect and pleasantly lacks the too refined movement of collections from room to room. Each room at SCAD cries out to be observed, interpreted and savored. Highlights included the video presentation of “Inverso Mundus” by AES+F (a Russian Collective) and “In the Present: Five Decades” by Elaine Mayes
The museum has a small gift and coffee shop that delight. A bigger treat though is to walk across the street to SCAD’s art store. A true college book and art supply store that has everything from computers to a vast variety of art material. There are three enticing floors of enjoyable wandering. 
After a busy day of wandering the City and enjoying museums, it was wonderful to enjoy a great meal at Rue de Jean located in the hotel. It blends French and Southern cooking into wonderful tastes. If you learn that Carl is running the bar section of Rue, ask to be seated there. He is a classic waiter and bar tender that will make your meal memorable.
Wishing you the best of exploring,
David Young