LUPIES CAFE by Kathleen Young

Doesn’t matter.  Suits, orange construction vests, fancy duds, it doesn’t matter.  You’ll be standing in line at Lupies.  No economic preferences here. You might score a table or booth but the real prize is a seat at the tiny counter. Its the best view of the kitchen and where the real magic happens.  

The menu is simple southern fare with a nod to old favorite comfort foods.  Everything is fresh and plentiful.  Specials are always a surprise and often posted on the side of the building.  Many of the specials are from the low and slow cooking method so well loved here in the South particularly low country.  But there are also some more adventurous dishes including some with spices capable of punching you in the face.   

The chef/owner keeps things moving in an impossibly small space yet somehow it all flows.  The exchange between the staff is surprisingly congenial for such small busy kitchen.  Perhaps confidence in serving up plates of goodness just might bring them pleasure.

If you go, bring patience, an appetite and spirit of adventure ...

by Kathleen Young