"I had my art and life, but was always alone without her...."

"My life, full of things often waited for the next thing. 
He stood on the corner, with all his belongings in a bag, waiting the for next dream..."

"Few people even noticed it, as they turned the corner toward the glitzy city beyond. Just a small two unit apartment, where I lived..."

Early morning, the windows still dark reflecting the dampness outside. I wanted coffee and breakfast. A cold hard business day awaited. 

A man and his young son waited to ordered. The boy suffered a bad disability of some type. I could tell it from his walk and speaking. They sat near me. The father helping his son. The boy wandered toward the play area. The dad watched him closely, making sure the other children treated him right. I turned my head toward the dad, “Nice son you have. I admire how you work with him.” 

Bitting his lips he said in a soft voice, “Yes, he faces some challenges.” Then he paused and said, “Its just God’s Well.” Then he looked back at his son playing and turned to me again with a small smile, “Actually, its been God’s blessing.”

I thought to myself that it had become mine too.