“Your hands learn to do things it would take you a whole day to write about,” Jessica Stockholder - Play ART 21

Perhaps this is the draw to doing craft. You hands want to express themselves and lead the learning from the experience. I have never been very skilled in the craft area, but still enjoy doing it. It can be frustrating even when you create something of note. Where do you place it, how can you ever photograph it? There is a certain impermanence to it. 

Still it’s worth the effort. Sometimes you find an object that urges you to bring forward the beauty. Your hands use tools to make marks. Your memory full of other things you have collected to tie it together. Other times, you might be in an art store and see thread or sticks crying out to be combined with the scraps and tears from other art work. 

It all feeds the imagination of the mind. The hands though are what make it all happen. The hands you learn from.