There is certain drama about corners. You never know what’s around the next one. Perhaps this is what adds to their enigma. The word itself surrounded by different meanings ranging from the act of cornering someone to a remote part of the world. 

It is our relationship to corners on the street that we encounter the most. Usually these are quick interludes, a fast rounding. Perhaps best when you don’t have all views of the situation. It is rare to see a person occupying a corner, leaning against it or even sitting in a chair. Their positioning key to avoid the constant knocks or interludes of another passerby. 

There are rewards for these brave ones. Seeing three sides of the world gives you a feeling of control. It’s an uneasy one though. You still have to be on guard, wary of that the street might throw at you.

Still the most successful of these corner sitters can wait for the city to decaffeinate before tackling the day or next corner..