Bring a shopping bag, be prepared to wade into the masses, practice your best sorting moves, and hone your instincts for the great find. Bin bargain stores are popping up everywhere. Some of the famous ones include Bin City New York, Cheap Charlies Bargain Bins on Long Island, Bargains in a Box Chicago and perhaps the most famous one Amazon Bin Store.

The origin of these bargain treasure hunt centers is difficult to determine. Most agree though that they grew from the internet auctions of returned and overstock items. Those becoming so popular that they grew into brick and mortar locations.

It can be addictive fun, the price of bin items goes down each day. One might start at $14 on Friday and be only $0.25 on the following Thursday. There are no returns here, what you pick is yours. 

Bin pros advise, arrive early, bring cash, try to negotiate (if you need a laugh), have a plan of attack. So roll up your sleeves and roll into the fun….and always wear a badge saying “buyer beware.”