During your working years, purpose is all around you so you don’t think about it as much. When you retire though, finding purpose can haunt you like a ghost. It’s good to consider what purpose really means now, before you retire.

There have been numerous articles recently on the subject of finding purpose in retirement and how important it is. Notable among them are the ones by George Jerjian. 

The lack of purpose can make you lose your way and even identity. Jerjian and others talk about how you can find it again be reinterring the workforce or starting a business. Others site volunteering and teaching as other avenues. 

Now a decade into retirement and having tried some of Jerjian’s suggestions, I have come to define finding purpose more simply. At the end of the day, real purpose may be just becoming a better person. A simple concept yes, but one that will make your life fuller and more rewarding.

Some things you may want to add to your better person list might be: 1) staying healthy, 2) learning to observe the world versus trying to always change it, 3) being open to different people and the beauty of life, 4) making comment and note on little insights you discover, 5) trying to be of help to others in small ways, 6) respecting there dignity, and 7) continuing to learn new things.

The great news, is that you can start to create that better person right now, retired or not. It will prove to be a great foundation for whatever endeavor your future might hold.