Are they just wanderings of the mind or do they mean anything? Surrealistic paintings are perhaps the most difficult art to understand. It’s not realistic, abstract, or fine art. They occupy a unique place in the art world. Sometimes as controversial as the artist who did them, Salvador Dali, Man Ray, Joan Miro, Andre Breton and others.

Abstract paintings were rebellions against an age of realistic art, using color, shape and gesture to replace known scenes. Fine art grew from the artists defined view of the world, they sought out scenes that reflected those views. Surrealism is a clear departure from both of these. Here the artist takes their inspiration from the world of dreams, attempting to recreate them on canvas.They often defy logic, order or understanding.

Who among us fully understands our own dreams, let alone the ones of others. Surrealism is a fanciful wandering apart from the real world. The true stuff of dreams…

“The Stuff of Dreams”