More and more you are seeing media presentations incorporating the chaos of the street and life. Call them voices from the street. This includes platforms like street blogging, vlogging, advertising, and presentations. You can make a case that they have been around for a long time in major media, but not so much in mainstream business messaging. 

A good example of this is the TV documentary series “How to with John Wilson.” Wilson takes a serious subject and mixes it with free for all street level scenes. Somehow it works, maybe because we all live, even thrive on the chaos of today. Either way, his messages get across. Others like the photographer Eric Kim’s blog site are recorded with him wandering the street, making his points sporadically, shouting out to his friends, noting sights along the way, all played against the music of life flourishing on all sides. 

It makes you wonder about the presentations of old. How well ordered you tried to make them, how perfectly you wanted them to come across. The result often “PowerPoint boring.” You only hoped the other competing firm was just as boring and that the client finally absorbed the key differentiating points. Maybe it’s time to mix it up. Not be perfect, injecting some chaos that leads to the highlighted points you are trying to make. Above all, entertain the client, make them feel linked to the chaos, and how you understand what’s going on.

It’s all about absorbing information in a world of chaos and a client’s span of attention. Photographers like Kim will tell you the best photography can be found on the street. A place where you can observe, participate in, and learn to handle life on the fly. Making the client feel you have those qualities can put you in the winners circle of messaging and competition. 

Additional Resources: 

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