I have traveled to Great Falls SC many times seeking sparks of creativity and a good photo. It’s not an easy place to pull things together. You find a scene here and there, but nothing that ties them together. Great Falls has always been like that. 

Even in its heyday when J. B. Duke built a hydro-electric power plant and the Republic Textile Mill came into existence. A time when farmers left their fields and moved to Great Falls for the new style of work offered. The city grew rapidly, but in two directions. The lower part was dominated by a row of company owned stores. The upper portion, around the corner, by privately owned stores. Both sections competing with each other. All this is history now. Only two rows remain of these sections of town. 

From a distance they look interesting colorful fronts. Up close though, they are empty and in decay. Only a couple of stores remain with irregular hours. No people walk the sidewalks, only a rare auto passes. It’s like everything left town, even the history of the place. A disquiet of sorts replacing all. 

Here and there you find a building or two still well maintained but silent as to life. At the end of a day of roaming, you’re unsure of what you have really seen and experienced. Great Falls perhaps just wants to be left alone.