We were deep into the seemingly unending hallways of the huge medical complex. The color of the walls, equipment and lighting subdued echoing the seriousness of the place. Other patients with masks walked by, not a glance. We stopped and looked out the window at the enormity of the complex around us. Without saying a word, we each knew our thoughts. We both felt small, out of place in this world that seemed Orwellian and almost apocalyptic. A world we would visit frequently over the next few months.

The medical matrix revealed its insights slowly. The medical staff wore pandemic fatigue on their faces, but were professional to the end. Like the other patients around us, we seemed caught in time waiting for the next treatment or diagnosis.

The medical profession is taught to “cure“ and dedicated to it. That cure though may come at a heavy price to your quality of life. Medical decisions all come down to your judgement in the end. You only hope for the best guides along the way. 

The more you get involved in the medical matrix, the more you lean on being taken care of by it. A powerful draw that can sacrifice your independence. 

Suddenly you are reminded you won’t live forever. Serious conditions can put a frame on the years you have left. This is the case even if illness does not turn out to be life threading.

These places foster greater love for your significant other. A new level of love, the other side of “in sickness and health.” The priceless value of having a loved one providing their objective view on your situation and being another set of ears. How caring is the greatest love.

Above all, you learn about family. Not the relatives, but the people around no matter what place you are in. The importance of being able to get along and relate to others. In the medical matrix you have a new family, the medical staff. Your health in part depends on the relationship you forge with them.

The medical matrix is one to be thankful for, but worthy of taking careful steps in.