The small towns of the South are full of small buildings with tales to tell. Such is the case in Rock Hill, SC. Some of these buildings are little gems that need no tales, some wear their tales on their sides, and other bear the notes from many endeavors.

The building at 528 S. Dave Lyle Boulevard (pictured above) is beautiful to behold, even if you didn’t know its history. It has one though. Build in 1909 it was the headquarters for the Afro-American insurance Company which grew to have many offices in the South. It is listed in the National Historical Buildings and also in the Greenbook.

Some buildings hint at their purpose by the architecture. The building at 114 Oakland Avenue looks like piano keys on the side. If you turn the corner, you find an elegant piano featured in the only showcase window. Turns out that the building houses Marshalls Piano Company. The Marshall family founded the buisness in 1925 and still operate it today. The company features pianos from $3,500 to $50,000, attracting many of the South’s best musicians. 

Not all building are famous, but still have lots of interest such as the 528 Pond street one. Many business lives flourished here including a food store, petroleum office, auto parts store and an H and R Block office. The faded remnants of those tries at success lingering on the side of a now vacant building.

The South is joyful and soul searching. History and interest are at every turn down on its sweet roads and small towns. While in Rock Hill, you can stop and enjoy Amelie French Bakery, The Hickory Post artist cooperative and The York County Library used book store. 
A great wandering day.

David Young