You always enter a car wash with a certain trapadation. Will my car make it, will I be safe. There is no escape. You suspect that among the whirling brushes, shaking and streaming water there are things you don’t want to know about. Things that will cause dents in you perfect life. Things that might sweep you away. You worry and worry about these things, until it lets you go.....


  1. Jeep’s rugged Grand Cherokee has been a favorite for years, appreciated for its off- and on-road capability, attractive styling and practicality.

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  3. A weekly or even bi-weekly car wash is a small investment that can pay off with all of the benefits above. What’s even better is the fact that regular washes may even save you money by helping to minimize or even avoid damage completely. With just a little bit of effort, you might be surprised by how great your car looks and how much pride you have in it when it’s kept sparkling clean.


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