These pandemic times spur a virtual Ferris wheel of divergent thoughts. Call it what you want, free flowing, spontaneous, reaction or non linear. They push and pull, manifesting themselves in new and numerous ways.

There’s the romantic versus the practical. You dream about travel when it’s all over. You remember the well planned short trips of the past. Now though, your thoughts touch on the romance of taking a train or long voyage. Traveling through several cities on the way to your destination. Trips taking a month instead of a few days.

There’s isolation versus being part of the whole. At times you just want to get away from it all. To divorce society and live remotely. But the extra time you have because of the pandemic affords more time to observe. And when you do, you see more about humanity. How hard people work, how they strive and at times struggle. How joy can be found in all walks of life. How rich and thick life is.  It makes you want to be part of the whole.

There’s money. How you spent in in the past. How you might spend it better in the future and the big question of what money is important for.

There’s restlessness. The urge to stay out and about despite the risks. The urge to get on the road again. But there is also the need for calm and peace. Both competing for time in you life.

These divergent thoughts seem to be life partners right now. Each rewarding you with the wisdom they carry. Each whispering in your ear, how life can be even better ahead.

David Young