You find objects and things when you wander. Some remind you of the scene you see and feel. Others are just art by themselves. ASSEMBLAGES are attempts to put these found objects together and make them art.

The roots of this art are as ancient as the pile of rocks in the desert or the cubist constructions of Picasso. They can take the form of almost anything including idle collages, simple groupings of objects and sayings, to  just objects in their own right. They all share a sense of impermanence, like a sand sculpture on a beach. A new perspective drawn by the artist, but not there for long.

Assemblages are uniformly hard to photograph. Perhaps the reason is as Marcel Duchamp (The Bicycle Wheel) said. He felt a work of art was not complete without the presence of the viewer. It is only the viewer who can generate the energy of imagining reflected by the art piece.

Good photographs or not, I will always take pleasure in viewing how objects I find look and how they might fit together. It’s like constructing your own view of life. Time and effort well spent in a world growing more difficult to understand.

David Young

Famous Artists who did ASSEMBLAGES
Marcel Duchamp, “Bicycle Wheel”
Jean Dubuffet, “Collages of Butterfly Wings”
Vladimir Tatlin, “Counter-Reliefs”
Louise Nevelson, “Found Pieces of Wood”
Alexander Calder, “Found Metal Sculptures” 
Alighierro Boetti, “Photographs and Letters”
Fazel Roxbury, “Pieces of Fabric”