"Darkness to Dawn" - young

The great abstract painter Mark Rothko needs little introduction. The bold color panels he is known for are iconic and his signature in the art world. It is the colors that really make his paintings. Ones first found when he lived in Portland and painted abstract landscapes of the city from Forest Park. Those paintings a far distance from the eventual color panels that made him famous, but foundational in his view of the world.

In the recent “Masters” series on PBS that highlighted his life, it was said that “his paintings look so easy to do, but try to do one and you will see…”  You can try and paint like Rothko, but will never capture all the luminance, blending of colors, edges and techniques he used to create beauty. He never kept a notebook on how he created the colors or work, so the wonder of it will always be in part a mystery.

Still, as I am, you're drawn to trying to paint like him. I once had a music instructor who I ask to help me sing like Frank Sinatra. She replied that she couldn’t, but I would learn to sing like David Young.

You can learn from studying the masters, even try to emulate their work. The best you can hope for in the journey is that it takes you to a place where you discover yourself…

David Young

"Tempting of Red" - young

"Lost Sky" - young
"Fallen Orange" - young