“I disliked numbers, and they did not think much of me either…” R. J. Anderson, Ultraviolet

Numbers define us, guide us and defy us. They are unfeeling and always there. They don’t lie.

They can surround you with rational and irrational ones. There are the trio of complex, prime and natural ones. Integers, even, odd. Computable and non standard ones. All vying for your attention.

They conspire to make our story. Only to file it away with the others. Numbers lead you to places, but also let others find you. 

Some say they have cultural and mystical powers. Numerologists dwell on the purity of One (the potential of new beginnings), the searching of Seven (a spiritual awaking) and the satisfaction of Nine (the world will want to share the wisdom of your journey).  If you want love roll a Six or money an Eight. But roll a Zero and your out, left to dwell on if it’s a number at all.

Numbers are only important because we let them be. They seem connected to everything we do. Time, eating, money, age, distance, success and failure. All just numbers. 

Cast them away and we are still here. Maybe better for not having a number. Remembering that we are not just a number…

David Young