The darkness left you to fill in the blanks in your mind about the place. Such it was in the almost deserted Great Asian Central Mall. A giant place framed by an endless parking lot with only a few cars. Greatness had long left this place.

Closed shops with newspaper covered windows sat side by side like forgotten tombstones, only names remained. 

A grocer who put numbers on their carts. Ones no one wanted to steal, nor return to the place. A restaurant in the distant corner with neon sign still working. Neglected floor tiles pale with age ran to it and beyond to dimly lit corners. A nail school with asian women sitting at attention. All hoping for a future that could only be better than here. A shop turned warehouse for boxes full to the ceiling, hiding their purpose.

Pictures and numbers on walls. Lost souls or hopeful wants, left uncalled. I knew stories of all kinds must be here among the gravestones of shops gone, but did not want to know...